The Cambridge Introduction to Jacques Derrida

By Leslie Hill. Cambridge University Press, 2007
Translated from English into Persian by: Masoume Shahgordi

“Blanchot’s narrator characterized grammatically as male, takes on various affirmative attributes he himself describes as a feminine, nor is it by accident, though it is prompted by French idiom, that this stereotypical image of male authority is recast in Blanchot’s story as a gender-specific, sexually differentiated, seductive, but no less powerful female figure who is herself necessarily divided, impure, and heterogeneous, just like the narrator, her male companion who, standing apart from her, does not accompany her, which is not to say he is not also bound to her by dint of the heterogeneity and exteriority they share.”


By Michael Ruse. Cambridge University Press, June 2019
Translated from English into Persian by: Masoume Shahgordi

One enthusiast actually wrote to Darwin.
“My dear Sir,
The belief that I am about to relate something which may be of interest to you, must be my excuse for troubling you with a letter. Perhaps among the whole of the British Lepidoptera, no species varies more, according to the locality in which it is found, than does that Geometer, Gnophos obscurata. They are almost black on the New Forest peat; grey on limestone; almost white on the chalk near Lewes; and brown on clay, and on the red soil of Herefordshire.”

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Any animal you saw from afar and did not know is a dog, wolf, or deer; see which path it is going? Towards meadows and greenery, or corpse and bones?

If you do not know a person, see where they are going.

Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad, Mawlānā